Maruhide Uni Shutou Melty 65g/2.3oz

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How long is the guaranteed date?
Uni Shutou is good for about 10 days in refrigerator, and about 2 months in freezer. For fresh uni, once you received, keep it refrigerated and serve within 2 days.

Fresh whole pieces of uni have been well marinated with special kelp seasoning soy sauce, extracting more flavors and bottled with marinade liquid to be the new LA delicacy. Sweet gentle flavor is melting in your mouth. - Enjoy Twice! With Uni Shutou Melty – First, simply enjoy “Uni Don”…, but stop! When yo u reach half. Add some condiments of your choice and pour some of “Dashi” soup broth. Enjoy the other side of “Melting uni don”. New Product 65g/2.3oz. Frozen
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