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Propolis Extract -Ouro (Propolis Extract)
Propolis is a natural product and it is the outcome of honeybee's work, compiled of a mixture of resin, pollen and plant wax. The quality depends on he flavonoids content which is its main component.
The raw material used by "MN Propolis" is the original propolis from the southeast region of Brazil, where the flora is abundant of eucaliptus and alecrin besides other plants of medicine use. Propolis is previously separeted and then it is treated by cereal alcohol and taken into maceration for over 2 years time. The extract outcom is the MN Propolis product.

Product Specification
Dry Residue: above 25w/v%
Total flavonoids: minimum 16mg/ml
Alcoholic degree: 60GL
Others compounds: minerals, vitamins, aminoacids

  • Twice a day, 5 to 10 drops of propolis mixed approximately 50cc of milk, fruit juice or war water
  • Propolis has a typical strong odor and it can also be consumed as capsules with extract inside.
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