Feel Fresh Home Tech Toilet Seat Hi-1001 (Elongated Type)

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Bigets are easy to install and use, while requiring minimum maintenance. The HI-1001 will make an excellent addition to your bathroom.
Model  HI-1000  HI-1001 
      Regular  Elongated 
Total Size  19"x19"x4 3/4"  20 1/4"x19"x4 3/4" 
Weight  5.6Lbs  6.1 Lbs     
Water Flow  Adjustable from  0~0.3 gal./min  Adjustable from  0~0.3 gal./min 
Water Supply Pressure  10~90 PSI  10~90 PSI 

Toilet seat bidet is a sit-down wash basin that is convenient and promotes cleanness. Long considered to be a luxury bathroom fixture, bidets are becoming a common addition to any bathroom. The Feel Fresh HI-1000 cold water bidet uses the same high quality parts as our luxury electric bidets.
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