Tiger Mochi Maker SMJ-B18U

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+Model Name : SMJ-B18U
+Size[cm]: 25.0 × 36.5 × 28.5 cm / 9.84 x 14.37 x 11.22 inch 
+Weight [kg] : 6.9 kg / 15.18 lb
+Capacity: 10 Cups

A very convenient mochi maker that has heavy duty motor. This maker can make the Japanese rice cake the most easiest way you can hope for. The mochi maker mixes, pounds and steams you homemade mochi, as well this versatile tool can be used to process dough for miso and udon noodles. The inner bowl is a non-stick pan meaning it is easy to clean up!

Usable for Nabemono (Hot Pot)
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