Coppe 9.5.2019 OPEN

Classic taste with a modern twist

Coppe Pan was created in Japan in the 1940s. The origins are said to come from a hard bread called coupe in French. The Japanese took this as an inspiration and created a soft skin bread and clled it Coppe Pan.
From then, people began slicing and folding this simple soft bread with Yakisoba and Croquettes, and servng them like sandwiches. This 2-in-1 entree and bread concept meal has been loved by many ofr over half-a-century.
Combine the slightly sweet and fluffy bread with a sabory dish and enjoy as a meal. Or sandwich it with cream or red beans and turn it into a sweet snack. Coppe Pan can be enjoyed in many occasions throughout the day.
The simple, versatile and customize-easy Coppe Pan tastes nostalgic yet it has transformed withing gnerations, representing Japan's culinary culture.
At Coppe, we offer a variety of classic yet modern Coppe Pan handmade carefully and fresh daily.
If you've never experienced Coppe Pan, please give it a try and I'm sure you'll love it after the first bite.

Address: 18171 Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 (MAP)
Phone: 714-386-5110
Business Hour: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm (CLOSED when supplies last)

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