FAQ before purchasing the shopper's card

1. Is there a charge for the shopper's card?

2. What benefits do I get with the shopper's card?

3. Is a shopper's card required to shop at MARUKAI and TOKYO CENTRAL stores?

4. What kind of personal information do you ask for when I create my account at your website?

5. What is the "ID" that your website asks me for at Marukai.com or TokyoCentral.com?

6. How old must I be to get a shopper's card?

7. Can I share the shopper's card with my family to use at MARUKAI and TOKYO CENTRAL stores?

8. Can I transfer my shopper's card to another person?

9. Can I use a photo of my shopper's card instead of my shopper's card?

10. Is MARUKAI membership card still available after 7/1/2016?

11. Can I use my MARUKAI JCB card as a shopper's card?

12. I have a MARUKAI Hawaii Card. Do you require a shopper's card to shop at MARUKAI and TOKYO CENTRAL stores?

13. Can I use Personal Checks?

FAQ after purchasing the shopper's card

1. What should I do if my email address or home address changes?

2. Where can I update my information?

3. How do I change my password?

4. I forgot my password.

5. I lost my shopper's card.

6. What happens to my earned points when I get a new shopper's card after I have lost my original shopper's card?

Regarding Points accumulated on the shopper's card account

1. What can I do with my points?

2. How can I earn points?

3. Can I transfer points to another person?

4. Do the points have an expiration date?

5. Please tell me how to check my current number of points.

6. Can I get points after I shop at MARUKAI and TOKYO CENTRAL stores without my shoppers card?

7. How many points can I get each time I shop?

8. I have a shopper's card and shopped at the store, but my points weren't added to my account.

9. If I return goods which I bought at MARUKAI or TOKYO CENTRAL stores, what happens to those points?

Regarding shopper's card holder status

1. How can I become Gold or Platinum Accumulation Status?

2. What is the difference between each status?

3. Is status ever downgraded, such as from gold to regular status?

Regarding Reward Gifts

1. What kind of reward gifts do you have?

2. How can I redeem my points for reward gifts?

3. Where can I receive reward gifts?

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